Big bag & Drum Filling System

The Big-Bag Filling Station is designed to efficiently fill big-bags of granulated or powder components. The station is made from stainless steel and can be easily integrated into any powder handling installation. Its overall dimensions assure a very small footprint. In addition the design allows inert gassing.

Working Principle

The big bag is brought to filling station via Pallet truck or motorized roller conveyor. Operator manually places the big - bag loops on the Big-Bag Filling Station hooks. He then connects the big-bag inlet to the filling head. An inflatable gasket ensures the sealing. When the big-bag filling sequence is in process a De- dusting unit evacuate the residual air presence in the big bag, once the filling sequence is completed, the sealing gasket is deflated and manually lift the hooks to release the big-bag loops. The big-bag can then be removed using either a forklift or an optional motorized roller conveyor. The filling head is installed on a SS structure for easy access, quick dismantling devices allow easy cleaning and maintenance.