Welcome to Arlaxx Design Service

Arlaxx offers you the 3D modeling support, providing image of equipment before its manufacturing. We offer comprehensive 3D modeling design for Engineering & Pharma Process equipment projects. Our Specialist have expertise in providing process equipment modeling solution from conceptual design to detailed 3D modeling, guaranteeing precision, clarity and cost effectiveness. With our 3D modelling services you will get a better idea of your project before the physical construction takes place. We transform your rough sketches into high quality 3D models and detailed 3D photorealistic images as per your requirement. We use the latest technologies and software. Our 3D modeling services can be beneficial to a wide range of industries such as industrial machines, manufacturing, and product development.

3D modeling, machines manufacturing and product development
CAD modeling,Solid modeling, Surface modeling, Assembly modeling, sheet metal modeling , Structure modeling and Bill of materials (BOM)

As a business owner or engineering manager, you face fixed budgets and may not have mechanical CAD modeling expertise on hand. Fabricating your prototypes by hand using a mill or lathe takes far too long and can be costly once material and labor are accounted for. This is where Arlaxx Consultant LLC is your go –to resource for your CAD modeling needs. We perform Solid modeling, Surface modeling, Assembly modeling, sheet metal modeling , Structure modeling and Bill of materials (BOM) using our team of highly experienced design engineers. From these models and BOMs, we can rapid prototype your parts, or provide you with detailed production level drawing that can be configuration managed for Quality Assurance purposes and future Engineering Change Request (ECNs). We adhere to international standards, including ASME and ISO to ensure quality and compatibility. Our engineers provide CAD conversion services, 2D drawings for prototypes/production, and 2D solid CAD models for design, development, prototyping, and product animation.

Benefits of Our Design Services

Faster time to market –as much as a 50% reduction.

Lower design cost – as much as 50% reduction in investment.

Enhanced product design with improved manufacturability and reliability.

Our engineers are adept at using CAD software to visualize the final product, its subassemblies and allied parts. This helps in improving the product design quality, leads to better documentation of design with fewer drawing errors and legibility.

Improved product lifecycle management.

We repurpose the knowledge and experience we gain to create new designs quickly for you to get you models that you can manufacture with confidence.

As we understand clients requirements, we design with emphasis on safety, reliability, and usability. We compare, evaluate and select concepts for development.

We also recognizing and resolving design problems during new mechanical CAD modeling.