Fluid Bed Dryer (R&D Model)

Arlaxx Consultant LLC Fluid bed dryer R&D model is designed for simultaneous drying with all latest features incorporated conforming to the international quality norms by using modular construction and simplified design, we provide flexible installation. Our air Handling System is designed for moisture diffusion from a bed of solid particles which are fluidized by passing a stream of filter air upward through a specially designed perforated sheet. The upward velocity of filter air is so maintained so as to slightly lift the solid particles and set them in motion. This motion can be utilized to bring about mixing as well as forward movement of the solids particles.


Online sampling of product.

High Precision and effective drying technology.

Inbuilt design with Inlet hot air and exhaust air blower.

Manual Damper for Inlet and Outlet Air duct.

Digital Temperature Controller with sensor for inlet air.

Design as per stringent cGMP Model.

All contact part are in SS 316/ SS 316L.

All non-contact part are in SS 304.