The IBC Discharge

The typical IBC Discharge Station consists of square frame with corner guides to ensure that the Container is automatically positioned centrally on the Discharge Station. There is also a central hopper with an integrated lifting/lowering probe. The cone valve remains closed during loading and the container hopper section engages a lip seal on the discharge hopper to give an automatic dust tight seal between the two units each and every time. There is a large variety of options available for this basic unit, including weighing systems, internal and external vibration, extra lift force and height and extreme containment using air washing.

The basic principle of operation is however always as described below giving the following main advantages:-

A controlled feed to the following process preventing compaction

Mass flow discharge preventing segregation

No risk of flushing as the cone valve always stops the flow when in the seated position

Dust free operation both during and after discharge

Possibility to perform dosing direct from the IBC

Capability to handle virtually any powder materials