Completed Design Projects

Kanara Industrial Corporation(Mumbai & Ankleshwar)

M/s. Kanara Industrial Corporation. (Mumbai & Ankleshwar)

  •  G.A & Detail of Double Cone Blender 750 Ltrs.
Industrial Equipwash Inc.

M/s. Industrial Equipwash Inc. (Mumbai)

  •  Drain Trap, Hand sink, foot washer, foot dryer, foot sanitizer, Mobile CIP, Glass jar washing, Utensil washing System, Drum Cleaning system on roller conveyor, CIP Skid single Tank / Double Tank.
Komal Engineering Pvt. Ltd

M/s. Komal Engineering Pvt. Ltd

  •  Grace Online Machine Enclosure & Hydronic system.
Prova TechnoTrade

M/s. Prova TechnoTrade

  •  RO Plant & Ceramic filtration technology.
Amulya Industires

M/s. Amulya Industires

  •  Sack Discharge Station, Rapid Mixer Granulator 250 Ltrs & Auto coater 48.
Bectochem Consultants & Engg Pvt Ltd.

M/s. Bectochem Consultants & Engg Pvt Ltd.

  •  Worked as Design Engg. For launching first 40kg Closed looped granulation line under the guidance of Mr.Don Grub.
  •  Material handling system (from conveying system to packoff station) for Hyderabad based Client.
  •   Material handling system (from conveying system to reactor charge, blender, packoff station etc.) for Punjab based Client.
  •  Positive pressure isolator in solidwork. (rigid wall & semi flexible wall isolator) for M/s. Aarthi drugs.
  •  Negative pressure isolator for Jordan based client.
  •   Material handling system (ANFD discharge, BB unloading, Drum packoff, centrifuge bag conveying) for Hyderabad based Client.
  •   Material handling system (Vibrating table, Filling head, Dismantled platform, silos, roller conveyor) for Delhi based Client.
  •  Material handling system (Screw feeder, elliptical Filling head, silo 2kl/3kl, dismantled platform 6M (l) x3M (w) x 3M (h)) for Hyderabad based Client.
Klassic industries (Mumbai)

M/s. Klassic industries (Mumbai)

  •  Loader, Tipper, Octagonal Blender, Double cone blender, V blender, Cage blender, Contra Blender, Ribbon Blender, Rapid mixer granulator, Fluid bed dryer, IPC bin, Blender Bin, Openable type bin, Multimill, Vibro-sifter, Storage Tank, Mixing Vessel, Conveyor belt, Roller conveyor, Slat type conveyor, Pendent, CIP system, Mobile lifter, Pressure vessel.
 Schematic Engineering Industries (Hyderabad)

M/s. Schematic Engineering Industries (Hyderabad)

  •  R&D Projects for containment solution. (NDA signed) .