Sparkler Filter / Filter Press

The Sparkler Filter Presses are made to special modular design that guarantees precisely the right filtration requirements for each application. The Sparkler Filter Presses meet the customer’s exact needs, as it is available in a wide range of output capacities. It is available with different number and height of filter plates, as well as a choice of flow pumps.

Sparkler Filter Press offered by us comprises of precisely designed range of sparkler filter press that are based on a working principle. The unfiltered liquid is being fed into filter through positive pressure, where fed liquid travels through the opening given on the sides of the Filter Plates. With increase in liquid pressure, filter media works by holding the external particles and only allows the clear filtrate to pass through the central channel that is formed through the interlocking pressure cups to the outlet.

Available sizes : 8”, 14”, 18”, 24” with custom shallow plates option.