V Blender

Arlaxx Consultant LLP V-Blender is an intensive mixing system designed for dry mixing of excipients such as cohesive & adhesive powder. Rotating shell V-type blender with no packing glands around the shafts entering the chamber ensures total elimination of cross contamination. The special design ensures minimal attrition when blending fragile granules and is suitable for Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetic industries.


Easy loading & unloading.

Special baffles to increase mixing shear.

MOC SS 316/SS 316L.

Capacity from 5 -1200L, also available with custom made capacities.

Complete discharge of product material.

No shaft projection; hence no product contamination.

Easy to clean with internal attachments like lump breakers and liquid dispensers.

Fencing around the cage with an entry point for the bin on detachable trolley.